Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath can be caused by many things. If you want to get to the bottom of why this affects you, call us at Saddleback Pulmonary Associates and Coast Sleep Centers. We can and will help residents of Ladera Ranch, CA, Irvine, Laguna Beach, and nearby areas find out what is going on and how to best treat the issue.

As mentioned, shortness of breath can have many causes. During your initial consultation, we will determine why you are feeling this way. Some of the common causes can be COPD, asthma, and obesity. Heart problems can also cause one to feel that they aren't getting enough air. The feeling of not having enough air is terrifying, and one that you want to diagnose as early on as possible.

There are various treatments for these conditions and we will find the one that is best suited to you. We don't believe that you have to suffer, not when we are here and ready to treat you. We are also able to treat a host of other breathing and lung issues, and even sleep issues.

You might be surprised to learn how many people have trouble sleeping. It is not easy for everyone to close their eyes and sleep, that's one of the reasons that we specialize in sleep. We would love to have everyone wake up feeling great. A good night’s sleep is an important facet of how the day is going to go. Dragging yourself through daily motions is no way to live. If this sounds like how your days are, it's time to come in.

We are trusted by our clients and well respected within the community. We would love to be your first choice when you need health care that you always can feel good about.

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