Those in Laguna Niguel, CA, Laguna Beach, Irvine, and nearby areas who are plagued by a cough that won't seem to go away, should call us so we can get to the bottom of whatever is going on. We are Saddleback Pulmonary Associates and Coast Sleep Centers.

A cough can be brought on by any number of reasons. Some are more serious than others so it's always a good idea to rule out health conditions. Of course, when one has a cold, coughs are a common thing. However, when they come along with a cold, they do not last for an extended period of time.

Coughs that linger after a cold can be the result of bronchitis or even pneumonia. Both are serious conditions that require treatment. If you've had a cold and the coughing doesn't seem to be letting up, give us a call so we can check it out. Don't let things become worse and more serious.

Asthma may also be the culprit when coughing happens. Unlike some other types of coughs, asthma produces a non-productive one. This means that no mucus comes up with it. This type of coughing sometimes comes along with allergies.

While tuberculosis is not as common as it once was, it still occurs and coughing is a major symptom of the disease. Chronic lung disease could also be the culprit. As you can see, there are several causes and the best way to find out what is going on within your body is to let us give you a thorough look. Our diagnostic skills are top notch.

To us, you're not just a number, you're an important part of our family, and we treat you as such. When you want the care that you deserve and a skilled team working for you, you want us.