Here at Saddleback Pulmonary Associates and Coast Sleep Centers, we provide quality care to patients in Lake Forest, CA, Laguna, Niguel, Laguna Beach, and surrounding areas. Our staff believes in providing the highest quality care to our patients. We treat a range of conditions from sleep disorders, such as insomnia and sleep apnea, to asthma, COPD, and other breathing conditions.

We offer thorough, comprehensive treatments to our clients. Our diagnostic skills are of high quality, thanks to our dedicated staff. We delve deep into conditions to ensure that we are properly diagnosing and treating the underlying causes.

An illness such as asthma, for example, can be brought on by many different reasons. Asthma may be the result of an allergy. We will get to the bottom of why you have this condition. What you think is asthma, may not even be. Other issues can mimic the breathing difficulties associated with it. When you come to us, you'll be met by our compassionate staff. We understand that you may feel unsure or frightened. We answer your questions so you don't feel rushed or intimidated. You have a full partner in your care. We listen to you. We explain your treatment in detail and we make sure you feel good about it.

Your health and well-being are important. If there is any way that we can help you, we are here, and happy to do what we can. If you have breathing difficulties, contact us to make an appointment. If you have sleep issues, do the same. We have helped many of your neighbors within the community and we would be happy to help you as well. We look forward to meeting you and enabling you to have a better life by helping you breathe easier and get the sleep that your body needs.